May 1 2016

Pastor Stan Miyamoto will be on a leave of absence through June 10, 2016. During this time, WOCC welcomes Clive Cowell as our Intentional Interim Pastor. Please feel free to contact Pastor Clive for the duration of Pastor Stan’s leave. For other ministry needs, please contact our Board Chair, Darren Nako or any of the Board of Deacons and Trustees.

Mother’s Day Sunday May 8, 2016, represents one of our most beloved traditions as we honor ladies who symbolize warmth, sacrifice, and nurturing love for us. Often, they may not be related, but they still hold a special place in our hearts. Please bring them with you on Sunday, May 8 so that they may worship with us and partake of the bountiful feast the men are planning for them. Men, as always, we will meet on Sunday, May 1 to plan our delicacies. This will give you time to try out that new recipe!

Nancy Shimokawa is stepping down from helping with the Worship and Communications ministries. She is still going to help out in other areas. The specific tasks in these ministries will be assumed by Sayaka, Deacon of Worship. If you feel lead to assist in these ministries areas, please see Sayaka. Thank you Nancy for all that you have done!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Annette Kawasaki and the Kawasaki family, upon the passing of her mother, Clara. Clara was also the Aunty of Renee Koyama.

Graduation! We would like to honor any high school or college graduates in our congregation. If you know of anyone, please submit photo and short bio to Sayaka Nakano by May 15. Graduate’s name, school and photo will be shown during an upcoming Sunday service (TBA).